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Florida Looks To Approve 8-Month Stays For Snowbirds

The bill, The Canadian Snowbirds Act (S.2597 in the U.S. Senate) has been introduced by Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Senator Rick Scott September 19th, 2019 to the US Senate. This bill, if passed, would allow eligible Canadian snowbirds to spend up to 8 months annually vacationing in the States, which is of course 2-months longer than the current 6-months.

To be eligible for this extension, snowbirds will need to meet the following restrictions:

  1. Canadian citizenship;

  2. 50 years of age or older;

  3. Maintain a residence in Canada;

  4. Own a residence in the U.S. or have a rental agreement for the duration of stay;

  5. Will not engage in employment in the United States;

  6. Will not seek government assistance or benefits.

The House and Senate bill also contains a tax provision, which will help guard snowbirds from negative tax implications in the U.S. Snowbirds would continue to be declared non-residents of the U.S. for tax purposes.

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