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U.S. Border Update - Snowbirds With Mixed Vaccines Now Viewed As Fully Inoculated By C.D.C.

News that the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (C.D.C.) has stated that individuals who received mixed vaccines, which have been approved by the World Health Organization’s emergency-use list or the United States Food and Drug Administration (all Canadian vaccines are on these lists), are now considered fully inoculated.

The news has come as a big relief for many snowbirds and travellers who have been waiting a long time to cross at a U.S. land border.

The opening for authorized, fully-vaccinated Canadian travellers to cross into the U.S. at land border crossings has been confirmed for November 8th.

The later than expected opening of November 8th, along with the potential for snowy weather, means that many south-bound snowbirds may now be forced to cancel their plans,

especially if driving in the snow is out of the question for some. Many of Canada's snowbirds have hurriedly made alternate plans to spend this winter season in their RVs, but instead of places like Fort Meyers or New Smyrna Beach Florida, they'll be wintering in southern Ontario, or the interior of southern BC, or perhaps Vancouver Island or they'll be flying instead of driving their vehicles. Campizon, an RV park and campground website says inquiries are way up for serviced RV lots especially in southern BC, Vancouver Island and southern Ontario.

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