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U.S. Border Crossing Opens November 8th, But Snowbirds With Mixed Vaccines Are Left Wondering…

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The opening for authorized, fully-vaccinated Canadian travellers to cross into the U.S. at land border crossings has been confirmed for November 8th. There's no word yet on whether or not travellers with mixed vaccines will be allowed to cross or not. The C.D.C in the U.S. currently does not recognize mixed vaccines and hasn't issued a statement whether or not this will change, leaving many Canadians who received mixed vaccines wondering if they'll be able to cross into the U.S. anytime soon.

The later than expected opening of November 8th, along with the potential for snowy weather, means that many south-bound snowbirds may now be forced to cancel their plans,

especially if driving in the snow is out of the question for some. Many of Canada's snowbirds have hurriedly made alternate plans to spend this winter season in their RVs, but instead of places like Fort Meyers or New Smyrna Beach Florida, they'll be wintering in southern Ontario, or the interior of southern BC, or perhaps Vancouver Island or they'll be flying instead of driving their vehicles.

On Vancouver Island, various RV resorts are reporting a big uptick in the number of inquiries they've received for year-round camping. While most year-round campgrounds are already filled to capacity, some availability may be found by doing a Google search or by visiting websites such as newly launched Campizon which highlights various RV resorts in Canada. While many are full-up, some campgrounds may be worth checking with for last minute availability of seasonal campsites or to get added to a waiting list. Fully-serviced campsites with hookups for power, water and sewer are in short supply, yet existing resorts, such as Kokanee Springs Resort in Crawford Bay BC, are adding new, fully serviced RV lots hoping to capitalize on increased demand. Brand new resorts are also popping up across Canada and the USA, which will bring some future relief to snowbirds looking for an RV site to purchase or rent for their seasonal needs.

Ken and Marlene Pritchem of Toronto Ontario are two snowbirds whose plans have been entirely upended by the border closure. Having traveled annually, without interruption for two decades, to their winter residence in an RV park just outside of Kissimmee Florida, retirees Ken and Marlene will now be spending their first winter in 22-years sitting at home in Toronto. An avid RV lover, Marlene says, "Ken and I are taking things in stride. We realized there's no sense in crying the blues…we'll write this winter off and just enjoy being around family and friends" says Marlene. "We're both double vaccinated, but, for us it's just too late to go…the snow will be flying soon. We'll just have to deal with the cold and the icy streets this winter." says Ken, a retired postal worker, holding up a picture of their RV site in Florida. When the border does finally reopen on November 8th, a wide swath of U.S. snowbird resorts in places like Mesa Arizona and Kissimmee Florida, will likely once again be inundated by sun-seeking Canadians looking to secure a place in the sun for their folding chairs.


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