Six million trips to Florida were made by Canadians in 2019 and among them, an estimated 360,000 Canada Snowbirds descended on Florida, so it's snow wonder Florida loves the annual snowbird flock arriving from
The True North Strong And Free.

Florida's #1 tourist is a Canada Snowbird


Co-living by GreenPoint

GreenPoint is developing truly affordable, simply irresistible co-living residences which focus on the essentials for your needs. We only offer what is needed and we do away with what it not essential. This saves you plenty of money for the other priorities you may have. Co-living. It's trending for a lot of great reasons.

Only What You Need To Live Well

Kissimmee's newest co-living apartments are now for sale at pre-renovation prices.  Choose your floorpan and unit preference and secure your selection for the best available unit while the selection is at its very best.